TUE, AUG 3, 2010 at 9:24 AM

The Vaselines Free MP3 download and Sex with an X pre-order Announced!


After a long, long sabbatical, The Vaselines are back with a brand new and rather remarkable record called Sex with an X. If you are among the first 200 people to pre-order Sex with an X by September 14th, you’ll receive a bonus 7" featuring “White Chapel” b/w “Picked a Cherry”, demos both recorded by Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub)—the latter not available on the new record.

PLEASE NOTE! You will only receive the “White Chapel” free 7" single with purchase of the Sex with an X FULL-LENGTH ALBUM (which comes out on Sept. 14, 2010)! You will not receive a free copy of the “White Chapel” 7" single with purchase of the Sex with an X 7" single (which comes out on August 24, 2010)!

In honor of this joyous event, we are giving away the title track of their upcoming record Sex with an X. Plus, and because we fancy ourselves sharers, here is a delightful video from Frances and Eugene that delves into the band’s inspiration for the song. And the giving just does not stop! In case you missed it when we first posted it, here is a sneak peak into the lives of The Vaselines.

And The Vaselines have still more going on between now and September 14th! The song Sex with an X will be available as a 7" single (b/w “Roaster”) on August 24th. There is also a new Vaselines t-shirt featuring art from the liner notes of that first Vaselines compilation we released back in ’92, The Way of the Vaselines (in 2009 we released a deluxed-up reissue of that compilation entitled Enter The Vaselines).

Oh, also, this October they’ll be touring the US for the first time.

We’ve all waited a long time, but The Vaselines are back.

Pre-order Sex with an X, the new single, the shirt, and download free Vaselines tracks right here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer