TUE, JUL 28, 2009 at 8:02 AM

Doughnut Eating Contest


Our friends over at Light in the Attic Records asked us to participate in the 3rd Annual Top Pot Doughnut Eating Contest. This Saturday, August 1st, we’ll congregate at 1pm at Top Pot’s Downtown location with a few other Seattle Record Labels as well as fans of competitive eating. Here’s the scoop: one record label representative will be teamed with a volunteer from the crowd for a tag-team like take on the contest. In total there will be 6 pairs – the 5 label designated eaters (Barsuk, Hardly Art, Sub Pop, Suicide Squeeze, and Light In The Attic) and Billy the Fridge (yes, he’s coming back to defend his ’08 crown), plus their randomly selected teammate – competing for the top prize. Competing on our behalf is Curtis Hall, drummer for Grand Archives. Curtis’s eating credentials are renowned; he took on the Big Texan 72oz free steak challenge and graciously paid for his meal. You should come down and cheer Curtis on or put your name in the hat to sit alongside him (it would be pretty much like getting signed to Sub Pop). Live entertainment will be provided by Unnatural Helpers (fuck yes!), your MC is El Vez (nice touch Light in the Attic) and there will be DJing, lots of DJing.

It’s going to be awesome. Seriously, don’t let another competitive eating challenge (or Unnatural Helper’s show) get away from you this year, come out and join us.

Posted by Richard Laing