THU, AUG 7, 2008 at 10:27 AM

Sub Pop 20th Anniversary T-Shirts


The Sub Pop 20th Anniversary Festival was a bliss filled weekend, so bliss filled in fact, that there is no way we would remember who played if it weren’t for our Official Sub Pop 20th Anniversary Festival T-shirts sporting the extensive line-up on the back. If you were at the festival and didn’t get a chance to pick one up then, here’s your chance. If you weren’t at the festival, here’s your chance to lie and have irrefutable evidence that you were there. Simply cut and paste a photo of your face with the included picture of the neo-grunge kids and show it to folks while wearing the shirt. Tell everyone that Green River ruled. People will be very impressed; people are easily impressed.

Official Sub Pop 20th Anniversary Shirts:
Pig Fest
Spanning the Globe for Profit
Loser Redux
“Green SP>20”:
Singles Club Label

Posted by Sam Sawyer