TUE, MAY 20, 2008 at 8:41 AM

Celebrate Mudhoney Day Tonight at Easy Street Records!


Although the national press coverage for this holiday has been a little light, you visitors here at the Sub Pop Interweb Concern are already well aware that today, May 20th, 2008, is MUDHONEY DAY! We declared it so a little while back.

And, in celebration of MUDHONEY DAY, we are hereby inviting you to come out to Easy Street Records in Seattle’s Lower Queen Anne neighborhood for a FREE IN-STORE PERFORMANCE TONIGHT AT 7PM! Even better: this free in-store performance at 7pm will be performed by the actual Mudhoney!

What’s more, if you are unable to attend this evening’s FREE Mudhoney in-store performance because you live in some other city, or have plans or family members you cannot neglect, or have been committed of and incarcerated for a crime you did/did not commit, or have discovered far too late that those pot cookies are way, WAY stronger than you anticipated, you can watch this FREE Mudhoney in-store performance on your computer! The fine people at Easy Street have set up a live webcast of this evening’s FREE Mudhoney in-store performance which you can access here at 7pm PST.

We are, of course, also celebrating MUDHONEY DAY with the release of two record albums by the actual Mudhoney:

Their brand-new album The Lucky Ones
And, the totally deluxed-up 2-disc reissue of Superfuzz Bigmuff

Happy Mudhoney Day, everyone! See you at Easy Street at 7pm!