FRI, JAN 5, 2007 at 9:42 AM



By their nature, “company retreats” are generally the major bummers of the vacation family; they hold limp-dicked promises of petty conversation, fruitless, laborious meetings and, if you’re lucky, trust falls. Fortunately, Sub Pop isn’t a normal workplace, so our yearly retreats are kind of the opposite deal (I only say “kind of” because there are laborious meetings, but they’re far from fruitless.) We are extremely fortunate at the World HQ in that we are all actually, in real life, buddies. Which means that at these things, we end up drinking a lot and saying what we mean in discussions in order to better ourselves as a label. Novel concept, eh?

This year, the whole World HQ piled into four vehicles and made an extremely slippery, icy drive to Orcas Island, in the gorgeous San Juans. It’s a few hours to the north and west of Seattle, and the place is nuts—think a cross between the set of 1974’s “Land of the Lost” and, like, the Scottish coast at dusk. Since our region had just seen a massive winter storm, everything was ice and snow-covered, totally shithouse insane. We all talked on the way up about what would happen if the entire staff got stuck and froze to death (would Pavitt take over? He met us on the island and got to our hotel via snowshoe, no joke). We got there safe, but some injuries did end up occurring on the first night as a result of the wickedest snowball fight evs—I broke my arm, Sam got a bloody ear and Andrew acquired a busted mouth. It’s cool, though. We drank it off. GM Megan Jasper even rang The Bell at the bar we all trudged into, signaling that a round of drinks for all the poor locals in there was on us. It was the least we could do for fully taking over their neighborhood.

The rest of the retreat was super fun and fruitful, and although we ain’t pretty, we’re sharing photos with you. We hope you have a super sweet holiday time, friends!

Posted by Chris Jacobs