TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


Last night’s First Ever Sub Pop Experiment With Throwing A Show In A Laser Dome was MOMENTOUS, to say the least. Thanks to The Stranger (our lovely wkly who sponsored the show), our tour publicist Jed, our new media champeen Andrew (who donated gear and helped tear down shit last night until 12:30), our direct sales dude Dean and of course, Jennifer Gentle and the Pacific Science Center, awesomeness was indeed achieved. Hearing JG jam out in the low zones while hott pink compass scribbles morphed high overhead seemed singularly perfect and triumphant to all the staff as we lay next to each other on the ground like sardines, heads plopped on rolled-up sweaters and jackets, staring into the fake darkness. The dudes behind us were bitching about their cotton mouth and Jennifer Gentle was staring in bewonderment at the ceiling while riding E and A notes through to the end. The lights rose and the laserist proclaimed in the kind of voice the checker dudes at the grocery store use when announcing bread specials on aisle 12 that we should “Give a hand to Jennnnifer Gentle! Up next, Laser Floyd!!!!”. And dude, not more than three minutes later, before we could all get up and get our shit, the lights went down and The Wall started blasting.
You know who else was there besides us? Kinski. They were psyched. If you live in the Pacific Northwest and would like to see a Laser Kinski show as much as we would, write in to info@subpop.com and let us know.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson