TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM

THANKS FOR PLAYING: November/December Edition


Lot’s of fabulous Sub Pop news comin’ at ya. Put on your readin’ shoes
and get in to this:

First off, we are ever so proud to announce that our beloved Shins have
shattered a Sub Pop sales record and had themselves the biggest first
week in Sub Pop history with their absolutely genius new album Chutes
Too Narrow! (All y’all WISH you worked at Sub Pop right now, we were all
treated to FANCY LUNCH that day by the big boss! Jed got smashed.)

Combine that news with the other massive titles we put out this year and
it’s pretty safe to say 2003 is the most profitable year at Sub Pop
since gr_nge! Hey Jonathan, this holiday party next week better be epic.
Dean and I want a beer in each hand at all times and unlimited access to
the finest pastries available. If you cannot meet these demands we’re
taking control of the boat we’re having the party on and running it
straight into the nearest iceberg.

The beard-off is getting straight-up gnarly over here. About a month and
a half ago Tony challenged all of us (male and female) to a beard
contest. To this date we still have Jeff, Dean, Tony, Chris, and Jesse
getting grizzlier by the day, bumming out girlfriends and wives more and
more by the minute. Who will be crowned the beard-champion?! Cast your
vote today! (It hurts me to say that I let you all down by losing my
beard in week 4 after a nearly fatal trimming accident. I had the
trimmer on the wrong setting and I hacked off a key piece of mustache,
and there’s no way in hell you’re gonna see a chin-strap on this
guy…so I shaved it all off.)

These things came out in the beginning of November, you should own them
by now:

Sub Pop “Video Network 1” DVD.

A classic hunk-a-burnin’-Sub-Pop-history-love. This is the “digital
video disc” (DVD) version of the infamous VHS release from 1991
featuring videos from all the hot acts of the day, like: Mudhoney,
Nirvana, Tad, Mark Lanegan, Afghan Whigs, Seaweed, Fluid, Walkabouts,
Beat Happening, Thee Headcoats, and the Dwarves.

Dust off your LOSER shirt, accept technology, and replace your extremely
worn-out VHS copy today! (Warning: this DVD contains extreme hair and


David Cross “Let America Laugh” DVD.

The perfect companion to the highly acclaimed Shut Up, You Fucking Baby!
double CD we released last year. This DVD features all the behind the
scenes mayhem from the US tour that brought you the comedy found on the

Check out these rad Amazon.com customer comments we’ve racked up with
this bad boy:

“… This dvd sucks. It’s totally boring. There’s nothing funny on here.
It tries to be like Insomniac with Dave Attell, but comes nowhere close.
It’s sad. It shows just how much of a loser David Cross is when he’s not
on stage. He reminds me of myself!…”

“…Remember back when you were 13 and you thought masturbation was
wrong?! You know that feeling you got every time after you did it?! Well
that’s how you feel after you watch this video! Okay I’m done…”

“…It’s boring, incoherent, pointless, and reflects very badly on
David, as his part in the film mostly involves sneering at other people:
fans, club owners, passersby, even a contemptuous anecdote about the
girl who took his virginity. It’s a sour home movie that won’t leave you
feeling very good about its subject…”

If those comments don’t scream BUY THIS, I have no fucking clue what
(There’re actually way more positive comments than negative ones on
Amazon, but they’re nowhere near as amusing.)


…hey pal, take it to the next level and get a Let America Laugh
t-shirt too, you’ll look awesome!:

All Night Radio “All Night Radio Fix” b/w “Flying Radio Bat Factory”

All Night Radio is Dave Scher and Jimi Hey from Beachwood Sparks. This
12" is a teaser from the upcoming full-length due out in February
complete with hand-screened sleeves by the band. This shit is the
FUCKIN’ JAM! Farmer Dave and Jimi have completely outdone themselves and
created one of the most uniquely beautiful psychedelic sounds I’ve heard
in years.

If All Night Radio is not one of your favorite bands in 2004, I’m losing
lots of bets. Don’t let me down here people.


No new releases in December or January, but check out all we have
planned so far for next year…

Full-lengths from: The Elected (which is Blake from Rilo Kiley and
friends), All Night Radio, Iron and Wine, Catheters, Helio Sequence, The
Baptist Generals, WOLF EYES, Frausdots (Brent from Beachwood Sparks),
David Cross, Arlo, and much much more.

I leave you with a big ’ol thanks to our Sub Pop friends and family for
making 2003 beyond all of our wildest dreams.

Enjoy the holidays, we’ll holler at ya next year.


Posted by Harry Dean Hudson