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ROGUE WAVE: The SF Weekly says they “look like Muppets” and call their rock “an effervescent blend of The Byrds, The Kinks, and Simon & Garfunkel.” I say they “look like Muppets” and make “a devastatingly gorgeous pop cupcake, replete with melodious pink sprinkles of dynamic simplicity.” For reals. Rogue Wave=sugar high, but they ain’t saccharine-tangy or cutesy-poo: just refreshingly bright-on. JAMS, HOOKS and JAMHOOKS. Got it? They will be your new best friends. Especially Gram LeBron, the band’s toothy multi-instrumentalist geniuswizard, who’s one of MY oldest friends. I started working here right after they got signed, and we got back in touch for the first time since a bunch of us ran a club out of a building he lived in smack dab in the middle of Houston’s 5th ward, home of the Geto Boys. It was called Club Safe Parking. Gram and ROGUE WAVE ruuuuuuuuule, and we are both PUMPED! Listen!

Gram wrote:
It still seems kind of like a dream, doesn’t it? To be involved with
such a HOTT label that wants to be involved with you too? It rules. RULES!!!! We may do a tour with the Shindersons! Can you imagine? Anyway, that interview on the Sub Pop site with U is HILARIOUS! Especially the part about Ben creeping into your pants… Maybe someday, I can be funny on the Sub Pop site, too. You know how much I like witty emails and ellipses… Also, I blogged a little about the tour on my site:



Joan wrote:
GRAAAAM! Dude, it’s funny that you brought that up, because I need to INTERVIEW YOU for the SUB POP SITE, and we can be TOTALLY FUNNY! Remember that Fatal Flyin’ Guilloteens/Rainer Maria show at your house where Shawn threw the trash can full of beer bottles at Bill while he was playing drums, and Bill tried to kick his ass? That RULED until we had to clean it up!

xoxoxo j

Gram wrote:
YES!!!!! I TOTALLY remember parts of that CSP show. Have you read that interview with the FFGs where they recap the whole thing? It’s on the Rainer Maria site.


FUNNY!! Most of it was a blur to me. I do remember that Bill ended up throwing that table and it totally shattered. They were the only non-local band to play CSP twice. Anyhoo… We just got another article; it’s pretty good. I have “spirit” in it.


So there.

Joan wrote:
That’s a good article. Gram, What’s yr favorite thing about your bandmates?

Gram wrote:
Ooohh. They like to cuddle? No, wait. I think my favorite thing is that we like each other even after spending 3 weeks in an extremely overpacked van together. We’re the opposite of friends that just happened to start a band together. We started a band that just happened to end up being awesome friends. I think that’s rare. And we push each other to become better, at life, or music, or playing pool, or whatever.

Joan wrote:
Awww. What’s the most rogueish behavior you’ve ever displayed?

Gram wrote:
That is a ginormously broad question. And one that my lawyer would tell me not to divulge to the public. However, recently, I made out on the hood of my friend’s mom’s minivan in a club parking lot. That was fun.
Btw, my favorite definition of the word rogue is “one who is playfully
mischievious; a scamp.” I prefer that to the more negative descriptions.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson