TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM



ATTITUDE: The men of Nebula are very cheerful fellows. Sometimes they say inappropriate things, but I chock this up to the fact that they probably live on the seedy edges of society.

APPEARANCE: Some boys are just cute despite the lack of bath and proper habits… and that they are. Cute as a bunch of hillbilly buttons. They look just like the kind of dirt-farm boys that I always wanted to go steady with in small-town 5th grade, except to the best of my knowledge, Nebula do not smell like pee.

STINKINESS: Dairy Queen and thrift store clothes. Need I say more? I have to say that The Blue Rags did smell much worse.

P&Q: Well I don’t know if I would call them quietly polite, but who cares when your band sounds like that? They do quite truly fucking rock you know.
GIFTS: None whatsoever. At least this time they didn’t ask me if I was a “working girl.

ENTOURAGE: So far they have the worst of the “I’m with the band” ladies. One was a little snippy English chick, and the other a astonishing blonde Amazon with “roller rink” written ALL over her.

SPAZZINESS: Decidedly un-spazzy. No one did any cheers or was humbled in any way. Eddie threw his voice and did a puppet show, but that’s his old routine.

FINAL GRADE: A B for Nebula! B for bony, I guess.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson