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Greetings and salutations, mine concubines! The ‘Pop is bumpin’, and the clock is ticking. It’s going to be fall in what seems like five minutes, which means that we’re lining up at Seattle’s Colman Pool for cool dips while we still can. We all look really, really funny in swimsuits, but not as funny as your mom does. Oh, SNAP!

All yolking aside, there’s news to share with you dudes. News of current jams, and jams of the future…..

1. CONSTANTINES’ S/T REISSUE OUT NOW! Originally released on Canadian indie Three Gut Records in 2001, this album was fittingly packaged so that, upon opening the red cardstock booklet, you’d find a single strike-anywhere match—meaning that if your relationship with rock and roll is not fundamentally a quest for fire (elemental, transformative, consuming), you’ve utterly missed the point. We here at Sub Pop wanna make sure that you get the point, so, at long last, we’ve reissued this gem so it’s readily available in the ‘States alongside 2003’s stellar Shine A Light. Repackaged and rarin’ to go, this gem is available now in our online store and at fine retail establishments worldwide.

Sayeth thee mighty Magnet magazine:”(The Constantines) work the great miracle of rock n’ roll: Kill it, then bring it back to life. This is important.”

Sayeth thee mighty All Music Guide: “The band’s lyrics read like the poetry of revolution, whether calling for the death of rock & roll (on the opening track, “Arizona”), storming metaphorical Bastilles on “Some Party,” or turning a cliché’ Rod Stewart lyric (“Young hearts be free tonight/Time is on your side”) into an earnest rallying cry on “Young Offenders.”

2. FRAUSDOTS’ DEBUT, COUTURE, COUTURE, COUTURE, COMES OUT SEPTEMBER 28TH! After decades of musical experimentation in L.A. based shoegazer outfit Further, late-80s Brit-sounding twangers The Tyde and seminal neo-psych folk legends Beachwood Sparks, Frausdots founder Brent Rademaker has finally taken the reins and created dream rock that’s as deliciously rich and indulgent as he wants it to be. He and Michelle Loiselle’s sexy, melodic nightlife pop marks a return to Rademaker’s songwriting roots: “I was always the psychic bassist who wrote the music,” he explains. “If I hadn’t been playing second fiddle in any band I’d ever been in, I would have made this record right out of high school.” Featuring contributions from members of The Cure, Warlocks, The Tyde, Rooney, Mia Doi Todd and Brian Jonestown Massacre, Couture, Couture, Couture has the same rich, brittle bitterness as dark chocolate (or classic Echo and the Bunnymen albums.) Brent and Michelle just visited the Sub Pop offices, and damn, did they look fine! Michelle was rockin’ this crazy sideways lace apron over her jeans, and it looked just like their record sounds: innovative, daring and wicked.

3. WOLF EYES’ BURNED MIND FULL-LENGTH OUT SEPTEMBER 28TH, TOO! Justin F. Farrar says, “Fuck, man, cite all the top-shelf noise and power electronics bands until you’re blue in the face—Whitehouse, New Blockaders, Nurse with Wound, whatever—but none possess the internal being of Wolf Eyes. The former were performance artists flirting with the dire circumstances of the human condition in the abstract. But, Wolf Eyes just fucking ARE the dire circumstances of the modern human condition. Ever watch a movie about the future and the future is so oppressively grim, violent, foreign and insipid that even a romance with nihilism seems way too quaint and inappropriate of a response? And then you realize…We live in drastic fucking times, and Burned Mind is drastic fucking music.” Right on, brother man. Thurston Moore loves Wolf Eyes, but this guy doesn’t:


You’ll be able to judge the newest release of one of the most seminal, balls-out experimental noise-thrash outfits since Throbbing Gristle soon—Wolf Eyes is sandpaper for your soul, dude.

4. ROGUE WAVE ON MUSIC MOBS! You know how, when you go to someone else’s house, you wind up looking through their music collection to get a gauge of how your visit is going to go? Stumble across In the Aeroplane Over the Sea or Songs About Fucking and you’re probably in for a pretty good time. But, find Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Thursday, etc. and “accidentally” poking yourself in the eye with the nearest sharp object might be a less painful way to spend the next few hours… Musicmobs can help with this process, finding like-minded folks and leading to new discoveries along the way. It’s sortof like Friendster for your record collection. And, they’re doing a promotion with our own Rogue Wave!

To check it out, go register at the site, and follow the simple steps to upload your digital music information. Once there, you can find other users who have the same taste as yours, or you can mock those whose listening tendencies are a bit unsavory. Want to see what Rogue Wave are addicted to, musically-speaking? Go check out their profile, and send the band a message, here!
(once you register, you can also get a download of “Every Moment”)

5. KINSKI TOURS WITH KAWABATA MAKOTO FROM ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE. He’s playing second guitar with our fine friends on this tour, and let me tell you—it is spectalulous. Kawabata has made a lovely career crafting psychedelic freakouts that are part krautrock and part prog-glory, so he naturally sounds killer with the Kinski clan. ‘Member when they put out that split LP with AMT? I do!

Check out the tour dates on our tours page, and go feel the power! The smooth, trippy power.

6. THE SHINS AND IRON & WINE ARE ON THE GARDEN STATE SOUNDTRACK. It’s a doozy! And you know what? You can get the jams that’re in the movie and on the soundtrack from The Shins & Iron & Wine (plus, oh, so much more…) right here at Ye Olde Tymey Online Store! The Shins’ tracks are “Caring is Creepy” and “New Slang” (click to see the video!) off of Oh, Inverted World. You can snag that here.

And Iron & Wine does his gentle, soothing cover of the Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights”, which can be purchased by getting the Postal Service’s single of that very song. You can grab that here.

Compiled by director and Executive Soundtrack Producer Zach Braff (who also stars in the film), the movie’s music is already garnering praise from fine publications the world over. Check it!

“The Shins’ two songs on the collection, the dreamy Flaming Lips quality of “Caring Is Creepy” and the gentle swaying perfection of “New Slang,” are wonderful selections. And easily one of the crowning moments is the cover version that everyone is talking about in indie circles, Iron & Wine’s cover of The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights.” In it, the IDM disco drive of the original song is deconstructed to only its essence and then washed in a rustic patina. The austerity of Iron & Wine’s lo-fi minimalist instrumentation is pillowed by Samuel Beam’s feathered whisper vocals, thus making this cover version go from jarring to tranquil without protest. The Postal Service made “Such Great Heights” a pretty song, Iron & Wine made it a beautiful lullaby.” –Orlando CityBeat

Check out the movie here!

7. CHECK OUT THE NEW ALBUM LEAF VIDEO FOR “ON YOUR WAY”; IT’S MAGICKAL! Seriously, this is my favorite Sub Pop video since The Thermals’ “How We Know”, which was, I guess, the last video we put out, but whatevs. Peep this: there’s a tiny, tiny mystical forest, right? And it’s kinda like a cross between something from the Paleolithic era, the background shots of Bjork’s “Human Behavior” video and what I imagine goes on in my backyard after I leave. The forest is populated with tiny gelatinous creatures that resemble Heffalumps and Woozles, but they happen to be playing “On Your Way” on crazy Star Wars-style instruments until they poof and disappear! Stay tuned to Sub Pop.com for more news on when and where you can see it…..

8. DAVID CROSS IS DOING A MONTH-LONG RESIDENCY AT LONDON’S SOHO THEATRE! Fancy, eh? Those of you lucky enough to live on the other side of the pond shouldn’t miss this glorious opportunity to see Mr. Cross in action. Visit www.sohotheatre.com for details! While you’re at it, you UK folks, keep your eyes peeled for THE SHINS and THE THERMALS, who both have dates throughout August (and September for Le Shins.) Also, IRON AND WINE recently announced their upcoming European tour—Sam Beam & Co. will croon his way across the continent this November.


Well, in the words of the immortal Jim Anchower, “I’ll stop rappin’ at you now.” Remember to take a peek around our gorgeous online store and return to our news section for more infotainment—it’s updated weekly. Mmmmkay?

I love you and your ass-face.

Joan & Sub Pop

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson