TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


It’s true! Read the review:

“Thanks to Devendra Banhart, being completely insane has finally become a valid career move, as a cursory glance at his recent freakfolk head count (Golden Apples of the Sun)might demonstrate. It’s difficult to complain, especially when the New Weird Order is producing records like Jennifer Gentle’s Valende. The Italian duo’s stateside debut treads avant-pop ground similar to the Animal Collective’s Tung Songs, blending experimentalism and melodic craft with home-recorded charm, but Gentle (a band, not a girl…like Molly Hatchet) eschews the Collective’s cloying Brian Wilsonisms—snatches of Syd Barrett’s cracked prettiness that float through the hypnotic “Circles of Sorrow” and “Liquid Coffee.” Other tracks, like “Tiny Holes” and the hyperactive “Nothing Makes Sense,” meld any number of mad genii, invoking both the drugged-out patience of Skip Spence and the neurotic jitter of Roky Erickson. In lesser hands, Valende would likely degenerate into a rote homage to rock’s insane casualties, but singer/guitarist Marco Fasolo and drummer Alessio Gastaldello seem thoroughly attuned to their antecedents’ sense of playful whimsy. When the members of Jennifer Gentle engage in some drums-and-keyboards chaos (“Hessesopoa”) or play a “solo” with a deflating balloon (“I Do Dream You”), they may be referencing psychedelia’s sordid past, but they’re also giving it a future. To paraphrase Mr. Banhart, it’s a sound to behold." -Joe Martin
We told you it’s gonna be good! Look for Valende soon
-it comes out January 25th.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson