TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


PROFILED: Mr. Steve Fisk, mad avenger.

ATTITUDE: Steve sometimes has a bad attitude and sometimes a good one. The important thing is that at least he can explain this himself in very succinct terms. Unlike some rock stars, he can say more than either "fuck you,…or “fuck me.” I wrote once in an article that Steve was patrician, and he thought that was pretty funny.
APPEARANCE: There is a picture on his website, except in real life, he has a body that goes with his head. A lot of people think he’s just a floating head, but that’s not true. Sometimes his shirts are wrinkly, but that just makes me wanna hug him.
STINKINESS: Mr. Fisk is not stinky. He has a little god that leaves messes, but Steve always picks them up in a plastic bag. And then he says “good god!”
P&Q: Steve is very polite. He quit smoking and he didn’t ask me for a cigarette, but he did kind of gaze at the one I had going, so I let him have some.
ENTOURAGE: When Steve is not with Miss Duby or his paramour, he’s hauling around some Leprechauns, or some mad-scientist, old school grunge masters. Unlike Steve, some of the more wild and wooly ones actually do stink.
SPAZZINESS: Nope, wouldn’t call the guy much of a spazz. He’s more of a droid or a nerbie.
FINAL GRADE: “A” anything less would be…just weird, and since he’s my prescription drug buddy, I don’t want to piss him off, if you don’t mind.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson