Weyes Blood

Natalie Mering aka Weyes Blood has released three full-length albums, a couple EPs, and has collaborated with such acts as Ariel Pink, Drugdealer and Perfume Genius.  Mering’s entire output thus far has been an exercise in exploring the atemporal. She is a musician and a singer, after all, but the particular process of Weyes Blood’s development and Mering’s experimentation, with everything from her early days of local-noise-scene strangeness, to her present mastery of timeless balladry highlight her as a meticulous sonic alchemist. 

The Innocents, Weyes Blood’s Mexican Summer debut, deepened and broadened the shimmering murkiness of her earlier album, The Outside Room, by shaving away the fuzzy lo-fi production to reveal a classic and singular songwriting ability.

Cardamom Times, the EP that followed, went further down the folky, lyrically evocative path that The Innocents traveled. The influence of classical music can be felt throughout these two works, rivaling the folk music lineage one may like to situate Mering’s songs.

Weyes Blood’s most recent album, the critically acclaimed Front Row Seat To Earth, captivates immediately with its frank clarity in both sound and word. Still retaining the deep influence of the classical while also blending in noise experimentations, Mering is at her most intimate and vulnerable here, due in large part to her stunning vocals and simple, essential lyrical phrasing.  

Weyes Blood is currently touring and working on her Sub Pop debut which will be released in 2018.