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The Yo-Yos are a rock n’roll band, formed in 1998 by bassist, Danny McCormack (ex-The Wildhearts), alongside guitarist Tom Spencer (ex- Sugarsnatch/The Lurkers) after the two met at a Toy Dolls recording session. The Yo-Yos recruited Bladz (Andy Selway) (ex- Sugarsnatch) on drums & guitarist Neil Phillips (B-Movie Heroes) to the band.

The Yo-Yos recorded their first single, entitled “Out Of My Mind” & then joined The Backyard Babies for a UK tour. Another single was then recorded, entitled “Rumble(d).” The Yo-Yos continued to tour the UK & were then signed by US label Sub Pop.

On the Sub Pop label, The Yo-Yos released their debut album, Uppers & Downers on CD & LP in 2000. Despite gaining a cult following as well favorable coverage from the rock and indie press, they split up do to fighting among members.

Neil Phillips went on to play for Danny Frye & The Devildolls, and also return his concentration to his own B-Movie Heroes.

Danny re-joined The Wildhearts when the group reformed in 2001. However, the bass player’s problems with heroin came to the surface once more and in 2001 he was booted out of the group mid-way through a tour. He rejoined again in 2002, but left again in 2003. Unexpectedly, he returned to the band one final time in 2005 for a live DVD.

At the time the groups frontman Ginger penned an open letter to Kerrang! magazine documenting his close friend’s problems and wishing him a complete recovery.

Then in 2005 the group reformed with a new lineup that included McCormack, and Spencer along with Rich Jones (Amen, The Black Halos) on guitar. The band recorded a new EP, entitled “Given Up Giving Up” and successfully toured the UK supporting 3 Colours Red. The EP was initially due for release on Mighty Atom Records, but was put out on Undergroove records instead at the last minute. Ex-Wildhearts drummer Stidi originally took up drumming duties for the EP but was replaced last minute before recording began, the job finally went to Craig Herdman (Cherrykicks). The band finally walked out on McCormack half way through a tour with AntiProduct due to further drug problems. However, Danny completed the tour in defiance, with support band ‘Any Given Day’ providing a backing band for him to front.

Tom Spencer is currently fronting London based ‘The Loyalties’ which includes Rich Jones, Craig Herdman and C.C Voltage (The Spitfires). Jones also plays with Bassknives. Danny McCormack is working on his first solo album in South Sheilds. Neil Phillips continues to play with B-Movie Heroes.

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