The Walkabouts

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The Walkabouts are an American rock band formed in Seattle in 1984. The core are vocalist Carla Torgerson and vocalist and songwriter Chris Eckman. The rest of the line-up has changed several times.

The band draws inspiration from folk and country music (particularly Townes Van Zandt, Neil Young and Johnny Cash), but also from other types of artists and musical styles such as Scott Walker, Leonard Cohen, french Chanson and Jacques Brel. Their sound is typically rich, with string arrangements and keyboards in addition to the standard rock instruments. In reviews the band’s music is often described as melancholic or mellow, while Eckman’s lyrics, concerning such themes as human relations, loneliness and restlessness, are often emphasized as poetic.

The Walkabouts have reached commercial success and a lasting audience, especially in Europe, where they have done promotion and extensive touring since early 1990s. They have occasionally even made it high on the pop charts in countries such as Greece and Norway.

The above mentioned band members have also released albums as side projects under the name Chris & Carla or as solo artists. Eckman has worked with Willard Grant Conspiracy in recent years, on the albums Regard The End and Let It Roll, as well as with The Bambi MolestersMolesters.

Terri Moeller has also formed The Transmissionary Six with Paul Austin, formerly of Willard Grant Conspiracy.

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