The Jesus and Mary Chain

William Reid – songwriter, instrumentalist
Jim Reid – songwriter, instrumentalist

Mazzy Star and Moe Tucker collaborated on occasion

East Kilbride, Scotland

The Reid brothers have been writing, recording and performing as The Jesus and Mary Chain again for several years now. They released a new album (Damage and Joy) in 2017 to pretty universal critical acclaim, and are writing for a new album.


The Jesus and Mary Chain began with Jim on vocals and William on guitar. They recruited Douglas Hart on three-stringed bass and Murray Dalglish on a two-piece drum kit. At the beginning, they crashed gigs claiming they were the support band until they had done it so many times that they could no longer show their faces at local venues.

Psychocandy, with its pretty little pop songs mixed with a barrage of neo-psychedelic electrical feedback, was heralded as one of the most influential new releases of all time.

Where most of their peers bottled it, cravenly opted for the easy life or death, The Jesus and Mary Chain went on and on, remorselessly seeking the perfect pop LP.

Munki is a JAMC extravaganza, a 17-track celebration of their world – perpetual adolescent posturing, low-level disdain, all-purpose euphoria, their love (the opening “I love Rock ’N Roll”) hate (the cunningly titled “I Hate Rock ’N Roll”) relationship with the big bad world of rawk…it emerges as classic Mary Chain.” – Gavin Martin, NME

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