This is a draft! Please tear apart after reading. 

Led by Alexander Attitude, Telehealth is an unpredictable pop band with heavy nods to post-punk, minimal synth, egg-punk, new wave, art rock, glam, and krautrock.

Telehealth wears the color green to remind us all that the American pedagogy, which has become so focused on selling green as a product to alleviate the symptoms of a self-inflicted hellscape. Instead of being upset, Telehealth embraces uncertainty and absurdity. 

Telehealth is a joke, but it is not a joke. As a product itself, Telehealth is here to remind us that everything is a product placement. Telehealth is an industry plant. Just as religion is the opium of the masses, Telehealth is now the opium of architects, policymakers, technocrats, AND NOW MUSICIANS!

Telehealth embraces technology. Although the future is much stupider than originally advertised, Telehealth works together with the world’s largest and most innovative corporations to offer solutions. The world is sick!!! Telehealth aims to relieve the painful symptoms of modern dread. 

Each Telehealth performance is driven to suspend disbelief about change, but it is also a way of making-do of this dystopian reality we live in. Telehealth is a way of thinking and questioning our world and our place within it. 

That is all to say, Telehealth is not a famous band, but they are trying to become a famous band. 

Telehealth is a for profit company.

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