Aaron Stauffer – vocals
Clint Werner – guitar
Wade Neal – guitar
John Atkins – bass
Bob Bulgrien – drums

Tacoma, Washington

Hollywood Records dropped Seaweed. The band moved on to Merge Records.

Late 1980s

They released their first work. A Sub Pop solicitation soon followed.

“This band can do no wrong. Record after record, they continue to write some of the catchiest rocking songs ever. Every time I hear something I’ve never heard by them, at first, I find myself going back to the record, playing it more and more, and loving it more and more with each listen. And I think it’s really commendable for them for continuing to rock out, after they got dropped from a major label, ‘cuz you know they’re really in it for the music if they go back to an indie.” – hodgepodge zine

“I’m going to interview this guy Chuck Sherbourne – he invented the boat I use – it’s a kyak derivative. Sherbourne studied Noah’s Ark for, like, 20 years. The Bible gives the specifications, and he built all these little versions of it. He thinks the instructions might be an encoded message about polarity change. Scientists know that the North and South Poles switch their electrical charges every so often — some people think such a change might have caused the Great Flood. He used these shapes to build his boat, the Odyssey Ski. It can ride through 30-foot swells.” – Aaron Stauffer, from an interview with Everett True for The Stranger

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