Ryan Kattner & Brett Morris

January 12th, 2024, Sub Pop is digitally releasing the Destroy All Neighbors (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). The film was scored by Ryan Kattner and Brett Morris of Man Man and features a new Man Man track titled “Free.” Kattner also lends his acting chops to the film’s ensemble cast, which stars Jonah Ray Rodrigues and Alex Winter. 

The Destroy All Neighbors film depicts William Brown (Jonah Ray Rodrigues), a neurotic, self-absorbed musician determined to finish his prog-rock magnum opus, facing a creative roadblock in the form of a noisy and grotesque neighbor named Vlad (Alex Winter). Finally working up the nerve to demand that Vlad keep it down, William inadvertently decapitates him. But, while attempting to cover up one murder, William’s accidental reign of terror causes victims to pile up and become undead corpses who torment and create more bloody detours on his road to prog-rock Valhalla.

Ryan Kattner (aka Honus Honus of Man Man) offers this on the experience: “When I was first approached to score Destroy All Neighbors, I didn’t realize how incredibly bonkers and wall-to-wall the music cues would be; I was too absorbed by how psychotic the script was and in disbelief that it was getting made. It reminded me of the Blockbuster Video movie you’d rent as a kid and watch multiple times over the weekend. 

“Once the dust settled and I decided to take the gig (and, more importantly, they decided to hire me), one thing became very clear: I  would need a brilliant guitar wizard/musician to help execute the scale of everything required. Insert Brett Morris (Comedy Bang Bang). Between progressive rock cues, Euro-trash EDM, 80s synth diving, bad acoustic guitar pop, etc., we got to cover a gambit of vibes, and we’re proud of our contributions (even if the schizophrenic nature of the cues made us lose our minds at times).

“While this wasn’t my first time scoring, it was the first time I got a little weirder with the job. Since we didn’t have the budget to license the semi-obscure prog song everyone fell in love with during the edit, it forced me to write an original Man Man song to win over hearts/minds, which, in turn, created its own issues because the film people then had to change my mind about not keeping it for the new Man Man album coming out this year. 

“Scoring hire aside, a month out from shooting, they asked me to read for one of the film’s antagonists, Caleb Bang Jansen, probably because they wanted to see me run around in only my skivvies (which I somehow overlooked when reading the audition sides) and play a horrendously penned acoustic guitar song on camera. I’d only done one previous feature and a handful of short films, but I love being forced out of my comfort zone. I also have the forgiveness of “musician turned actor” that isn’t afforded to the inverse. Sharing screen time with Alex, Jonah, and Thomas Lennon was a blast. I’ve got the bug if anyone else wants me for anything. That’s how this happens, right? Maybe my dream of a B-Movie actor will finally come true! 

“Anyhoo, Sub Pop putting out a 69-track album of bizarre cues means everyone wins. Go see Destroy All Neighbors while it’s on the big screen, rewatch it on Shudder, and stream the fuck out of the soundtrack. I love you.”