Nebula are the full embodiment of heavy-psych rock: High energy electric blues, lead-footed psychedelic warriors, rock & roll road dogs and the best damned band to come down the pike in a long, long time. Sub Pop should be proud. We are.

Nebula’s new record is charged with electric guitars that send you into the stratosphere, but with a rhythm section that brings you back down to earth. This record is not only laced with fuzz guitar and ripping drums, but also has valium-induced acoustic songs full of melody and soul. Nebula explore all spectrums of sound. Recorded by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Screaming Trees, etc.) in NYC, their second full-length Charged is Nebula today.

On stage, Nebula are high-energy rock & roll. It’s easy to see what has captured concert-goers’ imaginations: spinning epic tales of astral planes, the razor thin Eddie Glass slings his guitar about his body in complete and utter abandon, as Ruben Romano’s diesel-powered drumming threatens to send his kit flying off stage. In stark contrast, Mark Abshire lays down bass lines as thick and warm as molten lava.

Nebula are pure guitar-driven rock of the 21st century. Rising from the streets of Los Angeles, Nebula are the culmination of their rock forebears, such as Jimi Hendrix, MC5, Stooges, Pink Floyd, 13th Floor Elevators, Black Flag, and Mudhoney, taken to the sonic level that is today. Nebula spread their gospel through their music.

Electricity is the key. Guitars are the weapon. The message is Do It Now.


Eddie Glass – vocals, guitar

Mark Abshire – bass

Ruben Romano – drums