Mike Ireland

Mike Ireland – vocals, bass, glockenspiel
Michael Lemon – lead guitar, lap steel, mandolin
Dan Mesh – rhythm guitar, lead guitar, harmony vocals
Paul Lemon – drums

Kansas City, Missouri

Mike parted ways with Sub Pop.


An impromptu performance with two old band members at a wedding reception led Ireland back to music after a brief hiatus. The result spawned the Starkweathers, an alternative country rock outfit. Three members of Starkweathers went on to form Holler.

Holler managed to create something new, adding the lexicon of country-music history.

“Ireland’s interpretation of the genre is traditional, yet innovative. It’s introspective, it has that sad, lazy, country tempo, a weepy string quartet, and dreamy pedal steel to back up all the melancholy. And it’s all powered by Ireland’s terrific country howl. This boy sounds like he’s been singing country since the day he dropped out onto his mama’s dirt floor.” – James Coyle, Pitchfork Media

“It’s funny how sometimes small moments on an album ultimately close the sale. On two songs, “Headed for a Fall” and “Cold, Cold Comfort,” there’s a just barely perceptible drop-off in the backing that clears the way for Ireland’s emotive voice to really step up, a move he pulls off without a hitch showing him to be a born-again country music true believer." – Rick Cornel