LIDS is the ever-evolving, shapeshifting 3-piece collaboration of Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck, Dusted), Alex Edkins (METZ) and Doug MacGregor (Constantines). Their debut 7”, “Sarsfest”/”Blank Flag,” saw the trio exploring hypnotic industrial rhythms drenched in glitched-out psychedelia. For their 2021 contribution to the Sub Pop Singles Club, LIDS provide a thoroughly engrossing 1-2  sonic punch in “Furniture” and “Half Twin.” These two new songs strip back the instrumentation to reveal two finely-tuned, thrilling slabs of melodic post punk. “Furniture” finds the group sounding something akin to the Television Personalities run through a Roland Space Echo, while the rolling bass line and dark lyrical chants of “Half Twin” are reminiscent of something crafted by Alan Vega and Martin Rev. Both of these new tracks were recorded with Chris Koltay at High Bias Recordings in Detroit, MI as well as at Borcherdt’s Youth Sabbath School home studio in Toronto, with mixing and general sonic wizardry courtesy of Seth Manchester (shortly after he finished work on METZ’s Atlas Vending).