Les Thugs

Eric Sourice – guitar, vocals
Thierry Meanard – guitar
Pierrs-Yves Sourice – bass
Cristophe Sourice – drums, vocals

Angers, France

In Europe, still together.


The Sourice brothers Eric and Christophe started in a punk band called IVG. Les Thugs started in 1983 with four musicians: the singer and guitarist Eric, the other guitarist Thierry, bassist Gerald Chabaud and drummer Christophe. Pierre-Yves, the third Sourice brother, replaced Gerald after his decision to quit the band after the 1988 tour in Sardinia.

Contrary to what English-speaking people tend to think, Les Thugs’ name doesn’t refer to hooligans. The name refers to the worshippers of Kali, goddess of death, violence, vengeance, and the annihilation of creation. The Thugs originated in India in the 12th Century. They practice ritual murder by strangulation with a silk scarf (to avoid blood). Apparently, some of them are still living in Angers, France.

“It’s three in the morning and I am listening to pumping French disco music being played extremely loud alongside someone pounding haphazardly — and just as loudly — on a piano. It is all extremely dada.” – from Les Thugs 1998 tour

“They fuse the hypnotic with the explosive like no other band that I can think of.” – Jon Poneman, Sub Pop Records CEO

“Les Thugs proved to be the best thing to come from France since French kissing.” – Daniel Ewacha—>

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