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Brooklyn resident (and Russian immigrant) Eugene Mirman is a really great guy and comedian. After escaping the clutches of communism, he grew up in Lexington, MA (where the American Revolution began through no fault of Eugene’s). He attended Hampshire College and designed his own major of Comedy—doing a one-hour standup act as his thesis. People made fun of him for it, because they were majoring in practical things, like playwriting and semiotics.

Since college, Mr. Eugene Mirman has appeared on television, which should remain a relevant medium for another few years yet. Some examples include: his own half-hour special on Comedy Central, recurring roles on HBO’s Flight of the Conchords and Adult Swim’s Delocated, and appearances on Conan O’Brien, Carson Daly, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Home Movies, Lucy, Daughter of the Devil, and a bunch more. In February of 2009, Harper Collins Perennial published Eugene’s first book, The Will to Whatevs, an outlandish self-help guide to modern life. Largehearted Boy wrote, “The Will to Whatevs is one of the funniest things I have read in years.”

For the last decade Eugene has been a cornerstone of the New York alternative comedy scene, producing with various friends some of the most beloved weekly shows in the city—the famed former East Village staple Invite Them Up (of which Comedy Central records released a 3CD/1DVD set), and currently Tearing the Veil of Maya (voted by New York Magazine as the best indie-comedy show in NYC) and the silly, half-ironic Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival.

Eugene has released two albums: Suicide Squeeze Records’ The Absurd Nightclub Comedy of Eugene Mirman (voted best of 2004 by Time Out New York and The Onion) and the 2006 genre-bending (not really) follow-up En Garde, Society! on Sub Pop Records (which Eugene thinks reached an Amazon ranking of about 2,045 in music!). Now, three years later, The Mirm (that’s what the crew on the Flight of the Conchords tour called him) is releasing the possibly offensive, but most likely charming God Is a Twelve-Year-Old Boy with Asperger’s. Recorded live in Chicago (the city where Abraham Lincoln lost his virginity) at the Lakeshore Theater (an intimate alt-comedy theater) in super-late 2008, this album is a collection of Eugene’s funniest new stuff. Here’s what a few people on Facebook have said about material on this album:

“Hilarious! Your letter to the airline was amazing…”

“I had never seen or heard your standup routines before, but holy shit, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.”

“You were so incredibly funny at the show in Detroit!!”

“You entertained me this morning on Comedy Central while I folded laundry. So good, I had to search for you here!”

While most comedians talk about dating, sporting events and shopping (kind of?), Eugene is more of a dangerous goofball: he talks about bears, elevators, the website Russia Today, compares God to the idiosyncrasy of a gifted child at a reading, does a live play with two comedian friends (Kumail Nanjiani (Letterman and Michael and Michael Have Issues) and Larry Murphy (behind all the voices of Adult Swim’s Assy McGee)), attacks an airline that he cannot mention for fear of harsh reprisal, and tons of other weird stuff.

There’s a lot more, but who cares, right? Are you really going to be any more impressed to find out that Eugene once did one of those crappy VH1 talking heads things, was a suspected arsonist on the hour-long drama Third Watch (Holy shit! No way!?) or played a spokes-potato on the Food Network during potato weekend in 2002? Probably not. But you should know that Pete Townshend (from The Who!) e-mailed Eugene in 2001 to say he liked Eugene’s “Marvelous Crooning Child.” That’s great.

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