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The Dwarves is a punk rock band, formed in Chicago, Illinois as The Suburban Nightmare in the late 1980s. They are currently based in San Francisco, California.

Singer Blag Dahlia (Paul Cafaro), and guitarist He Who Cannot Be Named have always been the two core members of the group. The lineup has shifted around them, and currently consists of members “Fresh Prince of Darkness”, “Wreck Tom”, and “Clint Torres”. Rex Everything is an on again/off again member. Former members include “Tazzie Bushweed”, “Thrusty Otis”, “Crash Landin”, “Chip Fracture” “Dutch Ovens”, and “Vadge Moore”, among others.

They are known for their simple loud, yet nuanced punk repertoire, and controversial lyrics. Since the hardcore punk/scum punk sound of their early days, they have recently developed more of a pop-punk influence.

Their album covers were unusual – naked women, and a naked dwarf sodomizing a rabbit covered in blood, for their 1990 album Blood Guts & Pussy – followed up a decade later, with a similar theme, this time covered in soap suds, for Come Clean. The band was sacked from their previous label, Sub Pop, over pranks such as the long-lasting hoax contending that guitarist “He Who Cannot Be Named” had died. They have recorded on several labels and recently joined Sympathy for the Record Industry.

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