Zeke Jack Torrance

Zeke Jack Torrance

Out of print

Release Date September 19, 2000

Catalog No SP523

Formats 7 inch

In 2000, Seattle’s Zeke was the Motorhead of hardcore punk with bleeding guitar solos, mosh-pit drums, and 80’s hardcore song lengths. After they released Death Alley – one of their most distinguished albums – Sub Pop pressed their songs “Jack Torrance,” “Let’s Go,” and “Evil Dead” on 7” records as part of Volume 2 of their subscription-based Singles Club. You may have also recognized Zeke from being on several of the famous Punk-o-Rama compilations in the golden years of Warped Tour punk. The one minute and nine second track “Evil Dead” was featured on Punk-o-Rama 5. After laying dormant for eleven years the veterans have also just released their 2018 album called Hellbender.

-Zach Frimmel, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Jack Torrence
  2. Evil Dead
  3. Let’s Go