Zeke Jack Torrance

Zeke Jack Torrance

Out of print

Release Date September 19, 2000

Catalog No SP523

In 2000, Seattle’s Zeke was the Motorhead of hardcore punk with bleeding guitar solos, mosh-pit drums, and 80’s hardcore song lengths. After they released Death Alley – one of their most distinguished albums – Sub Pop pressed their songs “Jack Torrance,” “Let’s Go,” and “Evil Dead” on 7” records as part of Volume 2 of their subscription-based Singles Club. You may have also recognized Zeke from being on several of the famous Punk-o-Rama compilations in the golden years of Warped Tour punk. The one minute and nine second track “Evil Dead” was featured on Punk-o-Rama 5. After laying dormant for eleven years the veterans have also just released their 2018 album called Hellbender.

-Zach Frimmel, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Jack Torrence
  2. Evil Dead
  3. Let’s Go