Wolf Parade EXPO 86

Wolf Parade EXPO 86

Release Date June 29, 2010

Catalog No SP870

Recorded and mixed at Hotel2Tango, with Howard Bilerman, in late February and early March of 2010, EXPO 86 is the name of the third album by Montreal’s Wolf Parade. EXPO 86 follows the band’s 2008 album At Mount Zoomer, which itself followed their 2005 debut, Apologies to the Queen Mary.

If you pre-order EXPO 86 by June 29th and are among the first 600 people to do so, you will receive a free limited edition set of two magnets featuring artwork from the new album. We’re talking top quality, strikingly handsome magnets—your fridge is gonna be stoked!

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  1. Cloud Shadow on the MountainCloud Shadow on the Mountain
  2. Palm Road
  3. What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way)What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way)
  4. Little Golden Age
  5. In the Direction of the Moon
  6. Ghost PressureGhost Pressure
  7. Pobody's Nerfect
  8. Two Men in New Tuxedos
  9. Oh You, Old Thing
  10. YuliaYulia
  11. Cave-o-sapien