Sub Pop


Wipers Out Takes


Release Date July 26, 2010

Catalog No 4019096

Formats LP

Featuring 13 rare and unreleased cuts, Out Takes collects unheard songs, demo recordings, and alternate mixes. Handpicked by Greg Sage, the songs date from 1979-1983, the same years as their landmark first three LPs. Side one focuses on the era of their debut LP, Is This Real?, a desperate, energetic masterpiece, considered by Kurt Cobain as the blueprint for grunge. Included are raw, sparsely arranged 4-track demos, two unreleased songs from 1979, and the forceful, youthful track “Rebel With a Cause” which was cut from the LP.
The second half of the LP presents a live recording of “Mistaken Identity,” originally intended for the Wipers’ third LP, Over the Edge, a rare B-side, and alternate mixes of songs from Youth of America. Out Takes is an incredible new window into the career of one of the greatest American punk bands.


1. Let’s Go Away
2. Mystery
3. Is This Real?
4. Tragedy
5. Misfit
6. Rebel With a Cause
7. Born With a Curse
8. Mistaken Identity
9. No Solution
10. Scared Stiff
11. Youth of America
12. Pushing the Extreme
13. Romeo

Release Date: June 22, 2010 on Jackpot Records.
Catalog # JPR82804
LP Reissue