Various Artists Terminal Sales Vol. 2: This Delicious

Various Artists Terminal Sales Vol. 2: This Delicious

Out of print

Release Date September 16, 2006

Catalog No SP722


Hello and welcome to this, the second installation of Sub Pop’s Terminal Sales sampler series. This volume is the follow-up to the principally unremarked-upon, though faintly beloved in certain sectors of our office, Songbook of Songs. As before and in the event of future editions, we will attempt herein to present you with a stomachful of the varied musical artists currently recording for Sub Pop Records. In so doing, it stands as our hope that this introduction will titillate your palate in such a way as to arouse an insatiable appetite for these artists. Such a hunger we can only recommend you sate through the subsequent purchase of each artist’s entire catalog (or, at the very least, those albums issued under the Sub Pop imprimatur of fleeting quality). Fundamentally, we’re betting that once you’ve pressed your teeth into something This Delicious, you’ll return for repeated ladlings.

Assembled here then, are songs from each of the records we have released or will release in 2006. Consider this the auditory version of a pupu platter (without the excremental homophonic association), or, to adopt a more currently annoying term (which we understand as French for “mouth-tickler”), an amuse-bouche for your ears. With this, we invite you to hear what our imaginary kitchens have been cooking in the very real 2006.

While much of this food-themed flimflam may be misdirected and is inarguably overwrought, it does continue the vital Terminal Sales tradition of blatant idea poaching. From Apple Records to Ultimate Spinach to Mom’s Apple Pie to Liquorice Pizza to the inimitable Weird Al’s “Eat It,” the edible has proved incredibly useful for the music industry’s rich history of half-witted wordplay. Therefore, until a method is devised to—legally or otherwise—digitally download a jalapeno popper, this effort remains very near the least we can manage.

Let’s dig in…