Unnatural Helpers Cracked Love & Other Drugs

Unnatural Helpers Cracked Love & Other Drugs

Release Date April 26, 2010

Catalog No 73013

Formats Cassette, CD, LP, and Digital

The Unnatural Helpers have been banging around Seattle for a few years now as the perennial hobbyhorse of singer / drummer / songwriter / sole consistent member Dean Whitmore, who has also spent time with such Seattle outfits as the Intelligence, Welcome and Dipers. Despite the myriad lineup changes over the years, the band has managed to retain and expand on its original sound in a steady and cohesive way—anyone who has witnessed the live show over the years will be well familiar with the band’s taut, muscular guitar-rock, driven by Whitmore’s whip-tight drumming and usually caustic, often self-deprecating vocals. Oh, and the songs are always short. Very short.


  1. I Don't Belong to You
  2. Sunshine / Pretty Girls
  3. Brave Dumb Face
  4. Brainstroke
  5. Girl in the Window
  6. Our Most Entitled
  7. Claim it Mine
  8. She Was Your Girlfriend
  9. Head Collector
  10. Vox Humana
  11. Useful Things
  12. Wayward Eye
  13. The Truth About You
  14. Tell Me That You Wanna
  15. Every Record Straight Tonight