Tyvek Duck Blinds

Tyvek Duck Blinds

Out of print

Release Date February 1, 2009

Catalog No SP809

Exceedingly raw and too smart for their own good, Tyvek’s eccentric brand of lo-fi garage-punk has been frequently compared to underground legends Urinals and Swell Maps, unwilling to let something as frivolous as recording quality stand in the way of their creativity. “Duck Blinds” is indicative of this idea, taking poetic, hastily scrawled observations, gnashing guitars, and drums sounding like they’re being played as not to wake the neighbors upstairs and fashioning them into a moony and swaying soundtrack for a lazy afternoon. Led by the vision of Kevin Boyer, the band – long associated with Detroit even after Boyer decamped to Philadelphia – summons the artful-but-rudimentary styles of civic forebears such as the Gories and the White Stripes, as the single’s b-side “Pamphlet” can attest.

-Martin Douglas, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Duck Blinds
  2. Pamphlet