Thee Oh Sees In the Shadow of the Giant

Thee Oh Sees In the Shadow of the Giant

Out of print

Release Date May 1, 2009

Catalog No SP849

It’s fitting that Thee Oh Sees made a contribution to the Sub Pop Singles Club, because some intrepid and overly ambitious music obsessive could easily document their discography in a similar fashion as this lengthy list of Sub Pop’s releases. Somewhere in the glut of music the California psych/garage mainstays released in 2009 – right in the middle of their catalog’s sweet spot, in this longtime Oh Sees fan’s opinion – is the slow-moving, acoustic-driven “In the Shadow of the Giant,” featuring off-center harmonies and a pulsating, wobbly organ (which carries on like the extended dialogue of someone on their death bed, offering their final wishes). On the b-side is a demo of “She Said to Me,” a playful number interrupted by brass and a flutter of woodwind, and “Where People Do Drugs,” digressive and noisy in a way unique to Thee Oh Sees.

-Martin Douglas, courtesy of KEXP


  1. In The Shadow of the Giant
  2. She Said to Me (demo)
  3. Where the People Do Drugs