The Tyde The World’s Strongest Man

The Tyde The World’s Strongest Man

Out of print

Release Date July 17, 2001

Catalog No SP543

While Beachwood Sparks were steadily building their prestige in the alt. country realm, the band’s bassist Brent Rademaker and guitarist Christopher Gunst were stretching their indie rock muscles with their other band The Tyde. Brent’s brother Darren Rademaker fronted the project, helping define it as more than just a “side-project” from Beachwood Sparks. On their 7-inch single for Sub Pop’s Singles Club, the band shares two different covers from cult favorites from bygone eras. The Tyde puts an appropriately cinematic take on Scott Walker’s “The World’s Strongest Man,” infusing it with a newfound gentleness courtesy of Darren Rademaker’s wistful vocals. You can hear hints of the Beachwood Sparks’ country leanings on The Tyde’s cover of The Sea Urchins’ “Sullen Eyes,” with hints of slide guitar weaving in and out of the dreamy arrangement.

-Dusty Henry, courtesy of KEXP