The Moondoggies Don’t Be A Stranger

The Moondoggies Don’t Be A Stranger

Release Date October 7, 2008

Catalog No 73004

Formats 2xLP, CD, Cassette, and Digital

There is a popular chapter of American mythology that pertains to The Highway. It tells of a two-way ribbon of blacktop running endlessly through our past to our future, linking city to country, offering escape and motion and freedom to travel anywhere the imagination might wander. In this chapter, The Highway is both means and end, metaphor and reality. And down that mythical Highway there is a Bar. Inside that Bar is a Stage. On that Stage is a Band. That Band is the Moondoggies.


  1. Ain't No Lord
  2. Black Shoe
  3. 'ol Blackbird
  4. Save My Soul
  5. Changing
  6. Night & Day
  7. Undertaker
  8. Jesus on the Mainline
  9. Long Time Coming
  10. Old Hound
  11. Make It Easy
  12. Bogachiel Rain Blues
  13. I Want You to Know
  14. Wash Your Sins Away
  15. Oh Now Honey
  16. Clouds
  17. Side of the Road
  18. Just Messing Around