The Kent 3 The Sleeper

The Kent 3 The Sleeper

Out of print

Release Date March 23, 1999

Catalog No SP452

Throughout the early 90s, Bellingham’s The Kent 3 indulged the Pacific Northwest with their rowdy brand of punk. Their first spring as a band lasted from 1993 to 1994, initially dissolving after bassist Adam Grendon became afflicted with health issues and Tyler Long moved to Montana. But two years later, Grendon’s health took a turn for the better and Long returned from Montana to reconvene the group for an even more raucous second act. After releasing two albums on Seattle label Super Electro Sound Recordings, The Kent 3 was tapped by Sub Pop to record a 7-inch for their Singles Club. On a-side “The Sleeper,” the band’s surf rock influences are especially prominent while “Hatsov Turod” embraces a dirge-like pace, with vocalist Mike Pitts growling, “We’ll drive my car to Jupiter, get in, get in.”

-Dusty Henry, courtesy of KEXP