The Gutter Twins Adorata

Release Date September 2, 2008

Catalog No SP794

Following their full-length, debut record, Saturnalia, The Gutter Twins have a new 8-song EP available called Adorata. The EP is available exclusively through the iTunes Music Store here and here at Adorata features two previously unreleased originals and also contains cover songs by José González, Primal Scream, Scott Walker, Vetiver, and Eleven

A portion of Adorata’s proceeds will go to the Natasha Shneider Memorial Fund. Natasha Shneider was a friend of the band and the late lead singer of Eleven.


  1. Belles
  2. Down the Line
  3. Deep Hit
  4. Flow Like a River
  5. St. James
  6. Duchess
  7. Spanish Doors
  8. We Have Met Before