The Catheters Howling…It Grows and Grows!!!

The Catheters Howling…It Grows and Grows!!!

Release Date May 18, 2004

Catalog No SP618

Formats CD, Digital, and LP

Howling… is the Seattle band’s third full-length of pent-up brawlers, and they’re still radiating the same dark, perilous edge — working once again with respected producer John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Unwound, Blonde Redhead) — only now they’ve coaxed out new textures to coarsen the mix. There’s the guitar groove snaking into “Ravenous Animal,” the squalls of noise rock experimentation on “Between the Creases” and “Reaction,” and Standeford’s trademark alleycat howl, the fourth weapon in the Catheters’ arsenal. Howling… is alive, feral and twitching with energy.