Sub Pop


The Beets Let the Poison Out


Release Date October 23, 2011

Catalog No SBL-73045

Formats CD and LP

The Beets are the best band to ever exist from Queens, NY, and this is their third full-length record. Recorded with Gary Olsen of the Ladybug Transistor, Let the Poison Out is a collection of 13 songs about letting the poison out of your system. Semi-metal cover artwork by Matthew Volz. Expect references to the Ramones, Howard Stern, and dead people. All LPs include a download code. THE BEETS!


  1. You Don't Want Kids to Be Dead
  2. Now I Live
  3. Preso Voy
  4. Let Clock Work
  5. Doing as I Do
  6. Wipe It Off
  7. Eat No Dick 3
  8. Without You
  9. As the World
  10. I Don't Know
  11. I Think I Might Have Built a Horse
  12. Friends of Friends
  13. Walking to My House