Talbot Tagora Lessons in the Woods or a City

Talbot Tagora Lessons in the Woods or a City

Release Date July 20, 2009

Catalog No 73007

Formats CD, Digital, and LP

Lessons in the Woods or a City is presented as a series of lessons. Lessons that present a lesson that presents a lesson – in a lesson. A series of abstractions for the senses. A sound shaped for an ear which suggest a thought. A thought for a vehicle in a vehicle in a vehicle. Presented by fish on a circle to fish on a circle – as they change through a vehicle in time. Intended to take your time while you think about time. Time – A measurement. A clock – a tool in measurement – included on a CD player. 33.333 – a number – a tool in a tool in measurement – revolutions per minute- included on a record player. Tools used in the summer, fall, winter, or spring- tools explaining a revolution – a year – in a revolution in a revolution.


  1. Mixed Signals Through Miles of Pilgrimage
  2. Ichthus Hop
  3. Bounty Hunter
  4. Solar Puppets
  5. Hunger Strike
  6. Black Ice
  7. Mouth Rainboy
  8. Hidden Note
  9. Hairspray
  10. Johnny Lazor
  11. Replacing the Northwest
  12. Perception Stick
  13. Belt of Cancer
  14. Ephemeral Summer