Survival Knife Traces of Me

Survival Knife Traces of Me

Release Date March 5, 2013

Catalog No SP1038

Formats 7 inch and Digital

“Traces of Me” b/w “Name That Tune”

Survival Knife hail from Olympia, WA, and this is their first release (if you don’t count a soundboard recording of their first show that has been gathering praise all over the internet). The band – which features two of the three founding members of Northwest legends Unwound – pulls together elements of Drive Like Jehu/Hot Snakes, Black Flag’s mid-period mathematical lurch, King Crimson and of course Unwound for a taut and catchy post-hardcore crunch. Since their live debut in March 2012, they have shared stages with the likes of METZ, Bitch Magnet, Kinski and Hungry Ghost.


  1. Traces of Me
  2. Name That Tune