Sub Pop Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 7

Sub Pop Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 7

Release Date December 16, 2021

Catalog No SP1515

The Sub Pop Singles Club is back for yet another year! Subscribe to the Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 7 to get twelve exclusive, limited-edition, colored-vinyl 7” records that you will, undoubtedly, love and adore and absolutely not sell on the internet for a lot of money in a few years!

We have, yet again, convinced some of the top musicians of the day to allow us to put their songs out: Vol. 7 of the series will include L7, Bartees Strange, Party Dozen, Matthew “Doc” Dunn, The William Loveday Intention (feat. Billy Childish!), The Shadracks (feat. the son of Billy Childish!), Sidney Gish, and six more TBA artistic geniuses.

Subscribers will be mailed two singles at a time, every other month, starting April, 2022 and ending February, 2023. And they’ll get digital versions of the songs via their Sub Pop Mega Mart account. Only 1,000 subscriptions are available. Subscribe now to avoid a life of regret!


  1. Party Dozen - Fat Hans Gone Mad
  2. Party Dozen - Dog Plan
  3. Matthew "Doc" Dunn - Your Feel
  4. Matthew "Doc" Dunn - Look In
  5. Irreversible Entanglements - "Down to Earth"
  6. Irreversible Entanglements - "All You Can Do Is All You Can Do"
  7. Dummy - "Mono Retriever"
  8. Dummy - "Pepsi Vacuum"
  9. Hunx & His Punx - "White Lipstick"
  10. Hunx & His Punx - "Lose My Mind"
  11. The Shadracks - "Time Slips Away"
  12. The Shadracks - "Hollow & Uncertain"
  13. Zeal & Ardor - "Firewake"
  14. Zeal & Ardor - "Cinq"
  15. The William Loveday Intention - "Fire in the Mountains"
  16. The William Loveday Intention - "Dark Motive"
  17. SLIFT - "Unseen"
  18. SLIFT - "The Real Unseen"
  19. Keiji Haino - "Whenever wherever, quietly plotting, so that it can keep on becoming (resonating)"
  20. Bartees Strange - "Tisched Off"
  21. Bartees Strange - "Keekee'in (feat. Daniel Kleederman)"
  22. Sidney Gish - "Filming School"
  23. Sidney Gish - "MFSOTSOTR"