Sub Pop Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 6

Sub Pop Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 6

Release Date December 6, 2020

Catalog No SP1439

The Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 6 continues Sub Pop’s intermittent-yet-legendary series of limited-edition, subscription-only 7” singles by artists that we, and hopefully you, like. These 7”s will be limited to a mere 1,000 copies, and once they are gone, they are gone forever. We’ve been doing this series since 1988, roping artists like Nirvana, The White Stripes, Iron & Wine, Julien Baker, Eddie Vedder, and many more into doing singles for us along the way. Many of these singles have become sought-after rarities, commanding big bucks on the collector-nerd circuit. But, more importantly, they’ve contained great music! Prove it, you say? Check out many of the past Singles Club releases via the Sub Pop Singles Club Playlist

What do you get with a subscription? 

  • Approximately 24 amazing, exclusive songs by your new favorite musicians! This round will feature the king of filth himself, John Waters; Lids (new band feat. members of METZ, Holy Fuck, Constantines); Northwest artist John Repass and lots more TBA!
  • 12 vinyl 7” singles with artful packaging lovingly designed by the musicians and the Sub Pop art department!
  • Digital downloads of all the songs via your Sub Pop Mega Mart account!
  • Bragging rights! The joy of possessing objects!
Answers to frequently and often aggressively asked questions:

  • Subscribing is the only way to get the physical 7”s. They will not be available in stores.
  • You can subscribe from anywhere in the world. Non-US subscriptions cost more only because shipping to non-US locations costs more.
  • You can purchase a subscription as a gift. Simply enter the recipient’s name and address in the delivery address fields for your order.
  • Subscriptions are exempt from any Mega Mart sale discounts. 
  • You can buy a subscription in the same order as other items you wish to purchase from us. We will ship the rest of your order as soon as possible, but no Singles Club 7”s will ship until April 2021, when you’ll get the first two. The following singles will arrive in pairs every other month thereafter. (We are shipping two singles at a time, every other month, because shipping is expensive and we want this subscription to be relatively affordable.)
  • If you need to change your address at any point during your subscription, please email


  1. Sheltered Workshop Singers - "My Life (feat. Bill Frisell)"
  2. Sheltered Workshop Singers - "Dan I Am"
  3. Sheltered Workshop Singers - "Bad Memories"
  4. John Waters - "Prayer to Pasolini (Parts 1 & 2)"
  5. John Waters - "Speaking in Tongues (featuring sounds from Pasolini's murder site)"
  6. LIDS - "Furniture"
  7. LIDS - "Half Twin"
  8. Duma - "Cannis"
  9. Duma - "Mbukinya"
  10. Hand Habits - "motherless"
  11. Hand Habits - no reply"
  12. Porridge Radio - "You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son"
  13. Porridge Radio - "New Slang"
  14. Washed Out - "Sidney's Lullaby"
  15. Washed Out - "Miles' Lullaby"
  16. TV Priest - "Lifesize"
  17. TV Priest - "All Thing"
  18. Jeff Tweedy - "C'mon America"
  19. Jeff Tweedy - "UR-60 Unsent"
  20. Kim Gordon & J Mascis - "Abstract Blues"
  21. Kim Gordon & J Mascis - "Slow Boy"
  22. BNH Deluxe - "Earth Is Somewhere Out There"
  23. BNH Deluxe - "Turntable"
  24. The Black Tones - "The End of Everything"
  25. The Black Tones - "Mr. Mines"