Sub Pop Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 5

Sub Pop Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 5

Release Date November 7, 2019

Catalog No SP1348

The Sub Pop Singles Club is back for another round! We are now taking subscriptions for the fifth volume of our storied vinyl 7” subscription service. Join now to get 12 limited-edition, great-sounding, great-looking little vinyl records delivered straight to your mailbox between April 2020 and February 2021

Just what the heck is this so-called “club,” you ask? Well, the short version is that intermittently, since 1988, Sub Pop has roped artists into letting us release a couple of their songs on the 7” vinyl format, resulting in releases by Nirvana, Soundgarden, L7, The White Stripes, Bright Eyes, and a ton more. We then shipped these singles to people who had the forethought to subscribe, in advance, to the Singles Club. Many of these singles have since become very rare and sought-after. (Ok, so a few haven’t, but who’s counting?) Most recently, we somehow pulled off the Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 4, running from April 2019-February 2020 (and totally closed for subscriptions since February, so don’t ask!). You can hear many of the past Singles Club releases via the Sub Pop Singles Club Playlist

The Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 5 will keep this fine tradition of excellent new music and logistical headaches going for yet another year. These singles are one-time, limited pressings with exclusive tracks by each artist. Subscribe now or assuredly regret later!

What do you get with a subscription? 

How much? This much:
$130 for the U.S.
$170 for Canada
$185 for Mexico
$195 for the rest of the world. 

Shipping is included in each of those prices. 

If you’re the gift-giving type, know that if you subscribe by December 16th we will have the above-mentioned membership card in the mail to you before we close for the holidays (which should - no guarantees - arrive to addresses in the United States by Christmas). 

Answers to frequently and often aggressively asked questions:

  • Subscribing is the only way to get the physical 7”s. They will not be available in stores.
  • You can subscribe from anywhere in the world. 
  • You can purchase a subscription as a gift – simply enter the recipient’s name and address in the delivery address fields for your order.
  • Each single will be available for streaming and digital purchase two weeks after that single ships. But by then you will no longer be able to subscribe to the vinyl version. You should do that part now. 
  • Subscriptions are exempt from any Mega Mart sale discounts. 
  • You can buy a subscription in the same order as other items you wish to purchase from us. We will ship the rest of your order as soon as possible, but no Singles Club 7”s will ship until April 2020, when you’ll get the first two, with successive singles to follow in pairs every other month thereafter. (We are shipping two singles at a time, every other month, because shipping is expensive and we want this subscription to be relatively affordable.)
  • If you need to change your address at any point during your subscription, please email


  1. Y La Bamba - "Mariposa De Coalcomán"
  2. Y La Bamba - "La Última Vez"
  3. L.O.T.I.O.N. Multinational Corporation - "Alphabrain"
  4. L.O.T.I.O.N. Multinational Corporation - "War Games"
  5. Clarke and the Himselfs - "Mary Rae Says"
  6. Clarke and the Himselfs - "Crystal Blue"
  7. Guerilla Toss - "Human Girl"
  8. Guerilla Toss - "Own Zone"
  9. Father John Misty - "To S."
  10. Father John Misty - "To R."
  11. Moor Mother - "Forever Industries A"
  12. Moor Mother - "Forever Industries B"
  13. Eddie Vedder - "Cartography"
  14. Edddie Vedder - "Cartography (Nick Zinner RFK Remix)"
  15. Julia Jacklin - "to Perth, before the border closes"
  16. Julia Jacklin - "CRY"
  17. Ohmme - "Mine"
  18. Ohmme - "Miasma"
  19. Le Ren - "It's Time I Played a Love Song"
  20. Le Ren - "I Did U Wrong"
  23. Sumac - "Two Beasts"