Sub Pop SP20: Casual Nostalgia Fest

Sub Pop SP20: Casual Nostalgia Fest

Release Date April 17, 2010

Catalog No SP879

We at Sub Pop Records celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2008 with, among other things, a 2-day music festival July 12th and 13th at Marymoor Park, somewhat unimaginatively called SP20. We’ve collected here some of our favorite performances from the SP20 festival. Sub Pop will be donating all of the profits from the sale of this CD to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.


  1. Leech
  2. Fine Young Cannibals
  3. Dying for It
  4. Run
  5. Dirty White Race
  6. Smother
  7. You Take the Gold
  8. Furr
  9. Carol Brown
  10. Woman King
  11. Why I Didn't Like August '93
  12. Baggage
  13. Dig That Crazy Grave
  14. Rider
  15. Lately
  16. The Wives of Artie Shaw
  17. Caught Licking Leather
  18. The Open Mind
  19. Dogwood Rust