Royal Trux Steal Your Face

Royal Trux Steal Your Face

Out of print

Release Date April 1, 1993

Catalog No SP203

A collaborative release between Sub Pop and Drag City, the Royal Trux “Steal Yr Face / Gett Off” single highlights the brash sounds the defined the band. It’s almost hard to believe it’s just two people making all that noise, embracing the lo-fi aesthetics of their (at the time) recently-released Untitled LP. The San Francisco-via-D.C. punks wouldn’t return to Sub Pop, but would go on to work with Drag City off and on until their break-up in 2001. The band reunited for shows in 2015 and earlier this year announced that they have signed to Fat Possum Records.

-Dusty Henry, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Steal Yr Face
  2. Gett Off