Ron Sexsmith You Alone

Ron Sexsmith You Alone

Out of print

Release Date September 22, 1998

Catalog No SP442

In 1998, Ron Sexsmith was steadily departing from his previous status as “obscure” to “opening for and being praised by Elvis Costello.” The Canadian songwriter signed to Interscope and was wooing over crowds with his meticulously crafted, earnest pop rock. His double a-side for Sub Pop’s Singles Club makes it clear why he was receiving so much acclaim. The shimmering “You Alone” blissfully skirts between AM radio nostalgia and classic country instrumentation (sans the drawl). Meanwhile, “We’ll Manage” puts him in the role of a mournful crooner, seeking out a silver lining when things in a relationship look dour.

-Dusty Henry, courtesy of KEXP