Quadrajets Bad Mojo at the Border

Quadrajets Bad Mojo at the Border

Release Date August 22, 2000

Catalog No SP522

Formats 7 inch

Formed in Auburn, Alabama and fronted by the charismatic Chetley “Cheetah” Weise, The Quadrajets took punk blues to a raucous level. Sometimes called “Southern trash rockers,” the outfit got their start in 1995 and called it quits in 2001 after their last studio album When The World’s On Fire and live album If The Good Lord’s Willing. Cheetah later went on to fuel his punk blues addiction with his new project The Immortal Lee County Killers – that’s one hell of a name.

-Zach Frimmel, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Fly On (live)
  2. Grrr (live)
  3. Old Lady’s Pissed Again (live)