Pretty Girls Make Graves More Sweet Soul

Pretty Girls Make Graves More Sweet Soul

Out of print

Release Date October 23, 2001

Catalog No SP574

On October 23, 2001, Sub Pop released a 7” single by Pretty Girls Make Graves featuring “More Sweet Soul” along with the B-side “If You Hate Your Friends” as part of their Sub Pop Singles Club. This was the second club release and was pressed on split black and blue vinyl. Named after the Smith’s song by the same name, this was Seattle’s Pretty Girls Make Graves only Sub Pop release as they signed on to Matador Records before releases two full length LPs. “More Sweet Soul” is a melodic, swirl of guitar energy with post-punk vocals from Andrea Zollo. “If You Hate Your Friends” sears with self-destructive angst and later appeared on their first album “Good Heath” which was not on Sub Pop. This is the only Sub Pop release from the band.

-Alan Lawrence, courtesy of KEXP


  1. More Sweet Soul
  2. If You Hate Your Friends You’re Not Alone