Pens Hey Friend, What You Doing?

Pens Hey Friend, What You Doing?

Release Date September 14, 2009

Catalog No 76071

Formats MP3, CD, and LP

Spunky debut from homegrown girl urchins. Riot girl spawned a generation of female dominated bands that sounded like they had the weight of the world on their shoulders. That, definitely, is not PENS. Product of a London scene steeped in the lo-fidelity and ecstatic exuberance of US bands like No Age and Times New Viking, this all-girl trio rattle through tales of delinquency like “High in the Cinema” with barely a second’s reflection. Luckily, these scuzzy punk nuggets cranked out on budget organ and tinny guitar largely succeed in transmitting the spirit of excitement they were surely conceived in.

~ Louis Pattinson / UNCUT


  1. Horsies
  2. I Sing Just For You
  3. 1-2
  4. High in the Cinema
  5. Networking
  6. Fuckufuckinfuck
  7. I Heart U
  8. Cry Baby
  9. Freddy
  10. Yeah Baby I'll Take You to Bagel Town
  11. Hide the Kids
  12. Sally Ain't Nobody
  13. Hate Your Calendar
  14. Know About Me