Sub Pop


Pens Hey Friend, What You Doing?


Release Date September 14, 2009

Catalog No 76071

Formats MP3, CD, and LP

Spunky debut from homegrown girl urchins. Riot girl spawned a generation of female dominated bands that sounded like they had the weight of the world on their shoulders. That, definitely, is not PENS. Product of a London scene steeped in the lo-fidelity and ecstatic exuberance of US bands like No Age and Times New Viking, this all-girl trio rattle through tales of delinquency like “High in the Cinema” with barely a second’s reflection. Luckily, these scuzzy punk nuggets cranked out on budget organ and tinny guitar largely succeed in transmitting the spirit of excitement they were surely conceived in.

~ Louis Pattinson / UNCUT


  1. Horsies
  2. I Sing Just For You
  3. 1-2
  4. High in the Cinema
  5. Networking
  6. Fuckufuckinfuck
  7. I Heart U
  8. Cry Baby
  9. Freddy
  10. Yeah Baby I'll Take You to Bagel Town
  11. Hide the Kids
  12. Sally Ain't Nobody
  13. Hate Your Calendar
  14. Know About Me