Nirvana Love Buzz

Nirvana Love Buzz

Out of print

Release Date November 1, 1988

Catalog No SP23

As the legend goes, Kurt Cobain stopped by KCMU (what would become KEXP) after the release of Nirvana’s first 7-inch single, Love Buzz / Big Cheese. He personally handed over a copy to the station then sat in his car with his radio tuned in and waited to hear his song. When he didn’t hear it, he called in and requested the song himself. In the grand scheme of what Nirvana would go on to do – you know, global airwave domination – moments like these show the inevitable ascent that both the band and Sub Pop would soon find themselves on. The 7-inch was also the first installment in Sub Pop’s single series and “Love Buzz” (a cover of Dutch band Shocking Blue) would also appear on Nirvana’s debut LP, Bleach.

-Dusty Henry, courtesy of KEXP